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Top-up tutorial from contacts(Existing recipient)

From a web browser, After login into the portal head to your profile page and click on the “Contacts” button below the navigation menu. Or Use the given “ ”  URL direct after login.

Select Contact You want on Realod  and Click on the “Reload” button

Reload Step-2 (Amount) Page

After it will auto-populate step -1 and now you can directly continue with step 2. 

In Step 2 fill the Amount of detail that you want to reload on contact.

After Fill, all the detail click on the “NEXT” button.

Reload Step-3 (Payment Detail) Page

In Step 3 fill the Payment detail of the card & Select from the existing Card.

Click the “Next” button after selecting Card Or Paypal 

And For Add new Card details Give the below detail

After Filling in the Card detail click On the “Confirm” button.

Reload Step-4 (Confirm Detail) Page

In Step 4 Confirm detail of the transaction to do reload by Checked the check box and after clicking on submit It will reload your contact number if it is stripe else For Paypal Portal will redirect to the PayPal site to fill the payment detail.

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